Saturday, April 14, 2018

Page 42: Some Writer's Feelings

A thing whence there was none.
I was writing a book but from the lines above you can see why I stopped writing. With a book's length of words written, I still feel like the story is not properly written. The book is about how in a twisted way, I think zero is equal to infinity.
Some friends from childhood meet over a long weekend at the main character's house in Banana Island. The main character's name is Akorede. He records the events of the weekend.
The plan is to sneak pure mathematics, philosophy, theology and basic human ignorance in the middle to prove that zero is equal to infinity.
This book was practically writing itself at the beginning, 6 years later I'm here writing this post.

The first three lines are not in the book... 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Page 1: Falsified Truths

What is to be said is simple, but my brain holds my tongue that my mouth may not speak. So I write.
A certain fact about myself should be that I write as I see fit. 

Known truth as I know it, is that what I know as true can be manipulated for the pleasing of the listener, reader, writer or the speaker perhaps all of the above.
Which means what is understood as truth may very well be a different interpretation of what it truly means.
Then the difference between the truth and what is false seem minute. All of this and more makes me decide against writing, but to speak and question what is, before I then put words to paper in order to give answers to unasked questions.

Akorede Aleph is or is not Adekanmi Obasa, Is this true or is this false?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Page 6: Unfortunately

Unfortunately here I am, and there you are,
5 years and 6000 miles apart.

Gone are the days of us being one,
Gone are the moments we spent together.

What we share, we both know.
What it would have been we'll never know.

Love, lust, infatuation,
Whatever it was, it's gone now.

My old lady I wish I had a way to explain,
I wish I had a way to say, it is not as it seems,
or better yet it is not what it looks like,
but madame it is just as it seems.


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Page 712: Somewhere In Jordan

Somewhere in Jordan, a part of my soul rests.
I found refuge in a place so foreign and exotic.
Captured by a replica of Aphrodite or maybe Cleopatra.

My heart still longs for what could have been, had it remained in Jordan.
The Dead Sea was where my rested soul was last seen, floating around with no possibility of sinking and drowning.

As incomplete as my words are,
So my decisions are,
As incomplete as our relationship was,
So did I wish all your relationships to be like ‘til I find my way floating back into the Jordan again.

But your heart was as hard as rock, even Joshua cannot make the walls of your heart towards me crumble.

Sh‘lam lek!  PETRA

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Page 10: Ambition Vs Simplicity

In a house(H) with a simple human(Ω) and an ambitious human(∂).
What are the possible outcomes of their known characteristics. 
Can H be successfully simple and ambitious?
Will  limit 's ambition coexisting with simplicity, in this case Ω?

Using Logic, Addition, Subtraction, equations and what not. Including different kinds of other known forms of reasoning.

We can say H -  = Less Ambitious
          (given,         Ω + x = ,)

or we may be of a different opinion and say
                   H >  >= Ω
         (given,         Ω >= H - .)

Basically all I am saying is...

I do not know what I AM SAYING.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Page 79: Konfirmed

Dear Konfirmed, 

The story of us both has been interesting thus far. I remember when the journey started. I believe it was sometime in 2008 possibly 2009.

Our first Venture was a clothing line. 

Now we are where we are and I hope and pray nothing hinders or stops our progress. 

I know where I want us to be. Surely we will get there.

This is me signing out for the night. 

Your one true love,
Adekanmi Obasa.

Saturday, March 8, 2014