Saturday, July 4, 2015

Page 1: Falsified Truths

What is to be said is simple, but my brain holds my tongue that my mouth may not speak. So I write.
A certain fact about myself should be that I write as I see fit. 

Known truth as I know it, is that what I know as true can be manipulated for the pleasing of the listener, reader, writer or the speaker perhaps all of the above.
Which means what is understood as truth may very well be a different interpretation of what it truly means.
Then the difference between the truth and what is false seem minute. All of this and more makes me decide against writing, but to speak and question what is, before I then put words to paper in order to give answers to unasked questions.

Akorede Aleph is or is not Adekanmi Obasa, Is this true or is this false?


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