Friday, November 8, 2013

Page 77: Make me feel

Here I am, up before the sun thinking about the way you make me feel.
Pretty Winnie you make me feel like I've got emotional diarrhea.
I can not control it.
You make me sing songs in the shower,
You make me take long walks for hours
and all that I think about is when next I'm going to see you.

Still I have not said how you make me feel,
I can not find the words to say how you me feel.
But I know I like the feeling you bring.
If I could go back to my younger days I would have kept myself innocent for you my darling.
Each moment I think about what kind of future we may have together.

Sometimes when I'm sitting amongst people or myself I start to blush just thinking about things we talk about.
It is clear. I am yours. I tried to fight it but you have my heart already Winnie and there is nothing I can do about it.
It is... it is clear, it is clear how you make me feel now.


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