Saturday, November 16, 2013

Page 4: DuduNorth (Kanmi's Perspective On Love.)

Most of the time when I discuss topics as broad as this I end up exaggerating, maybe just a little on the insignificant part. I like to embellish, it’s eh- part of eh- my creative charm. But where to start?
The first thing that comes to mind when I think about Love is the love that can exist between a female and myself. Erotic, and whatever the one is called that relates to marriage. Then again, after thinking about Eros and the other one I’m forced to think about the love of God. After that the love of material things.
Love is love, it is greater than all. I for one think love is temporary, possibly a continuous temporary thing. I doubt I know what that means but there I thought it, so it is.  I have loved, stopped loving and loved again. Hell, I doubt I know what love means or what it means to truly love. Well the last part may not be entirely true. To claim to know what  love is, is to know not what love is, I believe. To describe it in words is to diminish it’s meaning. There is no end to it, no full stop. It is ever evolving.
I have experienced certain feelings, certain desires that I can try to equate to what the dictionary and those before us have described as love.  I have found love in food, in movies, in money, in females, and even in myself. I have fallen in love with haircuts, really with so many things. Even with peoples looks.
I have dated more females than I can count with my fingers. If someone were to ask me if I loved any of them my first response would be yes. If I am asked if I still love any of them, I’ll think carefully and then say yes. Where am I going with this? Lets say out of 10 females the answer to the first question is eight out of ten, and to the second question one maybe two. That to me is a drastic change and my answers can question if I truly loved the remaining six or seven from the first question. Which means my perspective of love varies with respect to scenarios, time, people and any other factor that can be pinpointed.
With certainty I can tell you these things about myself that I love to love, I love the feeling love brings, I love to do things out of love for people or things I love.
For me Love is my main support, it keeps me going. I know if I do not have the capability to love. I die. Hence, to love is to live. Simply because Love is.


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