Monday, January 13, 2014

Page 9: Fareedah

"I have heard some people say they seem to be alive in a period of time they think they should not be in."  
Fareedah once said to me on our way back home.
  “Akorede, I wish I was born in the 1970s.”
I told her
  “I wished I was born during the Renaissance. “
She looked at me like I had just uttered some blasphemy, like my choice was unreal and imaginative. She asked me why I said I wished I was born in the Renaissance.
I told her that I love everything about that era, especially the art from that particular period.
And then she said
  “Oh really.” dragging the word "really" for a little longer than necessary. 
She does that sometimes, she does that sometimes,
Fareedah, I miss her.


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